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Rewild wine is a partnership with Ecologi, an organisation respected for facilitating tree planting around the world.  To date our collaboration has resulted in 131,311* trees being planted.  To find out where visit www.ecologi/rewild

*Trees funded by Rewild as of  8th April 2024

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Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Valle Central, Chile

ABV: 12.50%

A vibrant Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of zesty citrus and tropical fruit. Refreshing on the palate, with flavours of ripe nectarine and fresh herbs and a fruity, mouth-watering finish.

Malbec 2022

Mendoza, Argentina

ABV: 13.50%

An intense and vibrant Malbec made from grapes grown at high altitude in Mendoza. Flavours of ripe blackcurrant, blackberry and plum are complemented by a velvety mouthfeel and smooth finish.

Malbec Rosé 2022

Mendoza, Argentina

ABV: 12.00%

A dry, fruity Malbec Rosé from high altitude vineyards in Mendoza. Delicate notes of strawberry, raspberry and white flowers, with medium acidity and a refreshing finish.


Rewild is a registered trademark owned by E.I. Wines Ltd. E. I. Wines Ltd. trading name is Ehrmanns.

Ecologi is a platform for real climate action, we facilitate the funding of climate offset projects and tree planting around the world. We would recommend visiting for a detailed explanation of the objectives, performance and legal status of Ecologi.

No. Most human activity generates carbon including the wine business and our own. Over a lifetime the trees that you may help us plant will capture carbon. However, we are not seeking to equate this carbon capture to offset the carbon we produce. Rewild was simply conceived to sell wine and to contribute in a small way to the global target to plant trillions of trees.  This target is based on the science that planting at this magnitude is fundamental to slowing the rise in average global temperatures.

When a retailer orders Rewild wine our finance team immediately sets aside sufficient funds per case of six bottles to be transferred to Ecologi to plant trees. Consequently, in practice, we have prepaid to plant the tree associated with any bottle of Rewild you buy as soon as it is ordered by the retailer.  The great news is that through you buying a bottle the retailer will order more bottles of Rewild, and we will provide more funds to plant more trees.  So, the more you, your friends or family buy, the more trees get planted!

The funds generated by sales of Rewild wines are sent to different projects around the world.  If you click on the link it will take you to the Ecologi website and the Rewild page. On this page you can click on any of the sapling icons and be taken to a page that shows the details of where these trees have been planted along with information about who is responsible for planting the trees and looking after them as they grow.

Not us! We simply send the funds to Ecologi.  Ecologi has a panel of experts who are responsible for identifying and selecting the best use of the money to maximise carbon capture through tree planting.  Certain tree species and certain environments (such as mangroves) are more efficient at carbon capture than others.

Tree planting projects funded by Ecologi are managed by Planting Partners.  These are non-profit organizations working with local populations to provide fair-wage employment as agents of global forest restoration. The emphasis is on restoring natural habitats that operate as efficient natural carbon sinks and provide natural habitats for other plants, insects, animals and all the other elements required for a healthy eco-system.  Visit for further information.

Transparency is extremely important to Ecologi, which is why they publish all of their tree planting receipts, all of this information is available to the public to view. You can also read more about how responsible reforestation here:

As an individual, or with friends and family, you can join Ecologi and set up your own tree planting scheme.  Visit to find out how.

Find Out More

Founded in 2019, Ecologi funds the world’s most impactful climate crisis solutions. To date, Ecologi’s community of individuals and businesses have funded the planting of over 60 million trees globally.

Ecologi’s trusted reforestation partners operate planting sites across the world and every project support a range of Sustainable Development Goals. These projects not only enhance biodiversity, but provide significant benefits for local communities too – such as direct employment, gender equality, and education.

Ehrmanns is one of the UK’s oldest wine importers.  We recognize that the process of growing grapes, making wine and selling it generates carbon emissions and with that we take responsibility for finding ways to increasingly offset or reduce our carbon emissions. 

The Rewild wine project is the latest of Ehrmanns modest but none the less significant contributions to playing our part in meeting carbon reduction targets.